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Join this group entrepreneurship initiative and co-own a 5 acre farm that will be selling mutton and goat kids. This particular farm will be located at 72 Hyde And Gibraltar, Clark’s Town P.O. Trelawny, Jamaica W.I and will be managed by the following team.

Team Leaders

Project Manager: Orville Wedderburn 
Profile link:
Cell#: 1 876 485 5586 or 1 876 803 7265

Stock Manager: Lariecia Harvey
Profile link:

The other management processes will be done from our company’s head office located at Hyde District, Clark’s Town, P.O, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I, from where all co-owners in this initiative will recieve a weekly update on the farm’s activities. According to RADA and additional research done by our research team, the following gives an overview of what to expect from farming goat.

Total Project Cost: $1,445,125 JMD
+ 10% Miscellaneous: $144,512.5 JMD
+ 20% of Project Cost: $289,025 JMD
Grand Total: $1,878,662.5 JMD

Individual Farm Cost: $9,394 JMD
Amount of investors: 200

There are three methods to profit from goat farming, 1. Sell goat kids, 2. Sell adult goat as live goat or 3. Sell adult goat as meat.
The three methods give different profit margins with the first one listed above being the lowest profit margin and the last one listed above being the highest profit margin.

Breeding the female goat for it’s entire lifespand then selling it as meat is the most profitable technique, the male on the other hand can be sold as a kid, raised for breeding or be sold as a live adult or for meat. The selling techniques will overlap each other based on many factors including the immediate need for money, limited feed or limited staff.

The following is an estimated return based on the concept to raise all goat kids and sell as live goat.

Estimated Harvest Yield: Between 1,250 goat and 3,750
Estimated Harvest Sale: Between $10,000,000 JMD and $30,000,000 JMD
Takeaway 20% for fees – Between $2,000,000 JMD and $6,000,000 depends birthrate and the sale price
Balance: Between $8,000,000 JMD and $24,000,000 JMD
Estimated Individual Returns: Between $40,000 JMD and $120,000 over 5 years
Additional Returns: $700 JMD for barb wire and water tank resale, 10% Miscellaneous: $722.56 JMD if it was not used, $2,500 for the sale of mother goat totaling $3,922.56 additional income

Total Package Investment: $9,394 JMD
Total Package Sale: Between $43,922.56 JMD and $123,922.56 JMD “Including initial investment”
Total Package ROI: Between $34,528.56 JMD and $114,528.56 JMD “Excluding initial investment”
Time Spand: 5 years

Note: For every 50 goat an additional goat pen and staff will be required to facilate expansion, the additional goat pen would be paid for from sale of goat kids which all participants in this initiative will be notified before such action is taken within their weekly notification.

Please view the following link to see the project plan in details.
Project plan link:

For additional information about this project please contact the project manager by sending him a message on his profile, whatsapp or call him at +1 876 485 5586 or +1 876 803 7265.

NOTE: The above reviews provided is for a 5 acre production of 50 goat, for the review of larger farms the above information can be used as reference or please see the project plan for each project.


This subcontractor’s agreement between each co-owner and Smart People International Ltd is at a 80/20 ratio in profit shares. This mean each subcontractor will recieve 80% of profit in addition to their initial investment amount, and Smart People International Ltd recieve 20% of profit. In offering this group entrepreneurship service, Smart People International Ltd will encounter several operational fees for which we will charge 20% of the project cost to cover. By participating in this group entrepreneurship service, you are agreeing to all the terms listed herein, including to:

1. Partner with each other to fund the total budget of the project
2. Equally absorb all losses associated with the execution of the project
3. Contract Smart People International Ltd to plant, manage and sell the produce mentioned in the project plan

The following is an outline of the purpose of the fees being charged, 20% of project cost will facilitate:

1. The project planning and budgeting
2. The use of our digital platform which make investment feasible
3. Land location and leasing services
4. Purchasing and stocks security services
5. Platform maintenance services
6. Software
7. Communication
8. Bank transactions
9. Regulation compliance and tax compliance

The 20% of project profit will allow for:

1. The employment and management of the workforce
2. The payment farm services and accounting
3. The management of production
4. The securing of sales
5. Reporting and bookkeeping during and after the project

All payments pertaining to the creation of the above farm will be made directly to and from the accounting department of Smart People International Ltd to the company or individual providing the goods or services for the farm.


In buying one of the packages listed in this campaign, you are making an agreement to become a co-owner and subcontractor of a 5 acre goat farm created by Smart People International Ltd, to be managed by Orville Wedderburn, farm code TREL0002. The said farm will be located at lot 72 Hyde And Gibraltar, Clark’s Town P.O, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I.

You will also be agreeing to employ Orville Wedderburn as the project manager for your farm where he will represent all the co-owners by sourcing all required agricultural supplies and services listed in the project plan and to manage the execution of the project plan as listed in the link above.

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