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Join this 6 weeks group entrepreneurship initiative and co-own a seedling production farm that will be cultivating and selling 120,000 hot pepper seedlings. This particular farm will be located at 72 Hyde And Gibraltar, Clark’s Town, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I and will be managed by the following team.


Project Manager: Orville Wedderburn 
Profile link: https://www.smartpeopleint.com/members/tech/
Cell#: 1 876 485 5586 or 1 876 803 7265

Stock Manager: Lariecia Harvey
Profile link: https://www.smartpeopleint.com/members/riecey/

The other management processes will be done from our company’s head office located at Hyde District, Clark’s Town, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I, from where all co-owners in this farm will recieve a weekly update on the farm’s activities. According to RADA and additional research done by our research team, the following gives an overview of what to expect from farming this type of hot pepper.

Sub Total: $1,141,600 JMD
+ 10% Miscellaneous: $114,160 JMD
+ 20% of Project Cost: $228,320 JMD
Grand Total: $1,484,080 JMD

Individual Farm Cost: $7,420.4 JMD or $60 USD
Amount of investors: 200

Harvest Yield: 120,000 seedlings $30 each
Harvest Sale: $3,600,000 JMD
Takeaway 20% for fees – $720,000 JMD
Balance: $2,880,000 JMD
Individual Returns: $14,400 “Including initial investment”

Total Package Investment: $7,420.4 JMD
Total Package Sale: $18,000
Total Package ROI: $6,979.6 JMD “after all deductions made, including initial investment”
Additional Returns: $570.8 JMD which is the initial 10% Miscellaneous returned if it was not spent
Time Spand: 6 weeks

Please view the following link to see the project plan in details.
(((Project plan)))

For additional information about this project please contact the project manager by sending him a message on his profile or call him on the number listed above.


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